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LT-Farm Nigerian Dwarfs

Nigerians Dwarf, Goats, Dairy

LT-Farm Nigerian Dwarfs

We are a Retired Military family that had a small hobby farm located in Northwest Alabama. We raise Duel Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats (ADGA, AGS) as well as raising NPIP Inspected Chickens. We participate in ADGA Production Testing and our goats are disease free (We Practice Bio-Security) and come from excellent Conformation and Milk Lines such as Woodbridge Farms, Agape’s Prize, J-Nels, Gypsy Moon, Farm Oldesouth and Cedar View.
Our goats get lots of top quality Orchard Grass/Alfalfa hay, browse freely in their pasture and around the farm, enjoy grain at milking time, and are given free choice minerals and fresh water several times a day. Most importantly, they get lots of love. We form personal bonds with our goats and know each of them by their sounds. We Dam raise our kids unless they need emergency intervention and spends hours with them each day. Please contact us to set up a Farm Tour.
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